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Struggling punk band, Dead Pets, are still looking for their breakthrough after almost 10 years. Gordy has big plans for the group, but when you turn 30, life starts to get in the way. Dead Pets Unleashed is a narrative, slice of life and management-lite game; get ready to unleash your inner demon!

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This is what we’ve been working towards. The big gig. The new manager. This is how Dead Pets makes it big.

Work. Band practice. Write songs. Book the next gig. Keeping the band together. I can manage all this… right?

We’ve been through hell and back to get here. Playing together for 10 years despite our differences, I know we have what it takes.

Dead Pets is a slice of life, management-lite, narrative game about music and friendship. Playing as Gordy, you’ll go to band practice, manage Gordy’s finances and wellbeing, as well find time to earn enough money to cover rent.

From the creators of Welcome to Elk, dive into the demon world of New Void City, and give your childhood dreams one last chance.

It’s time to dream big,  grow up and rock out!

Content Warning: Dead Pets Unleashed will contain a major storyline relating to sexual assault and harassment.

There is an implied sexual assault that occurs towards the end of Episode 2 of the demo. There is a content warning in-game before the scene takes place, and you'll have the choice to skip over the specific scene if you choose.


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holy cannoli this game is amazing! ive been a lurker on itchio for so long but i had to make an account to commend you guys for making such a solid experience. the dialogue is just superb, and i loved reading it out loud cause it flowed so nicely. the music is awesome, the mini games are awesome, everything was so awesome!!

my only qualm is that i wish there was an option to use WASD keys for the diner minigame cause im unfortunately cursed with big clumsy hands and keep bumping into stuff haha

to anyone reading this wondering if they should give this demo a go, i highly recommend it! dead pets rule!!🤘

Is this game still in development or the full game has already come out?

Still in development! We don't have a release date we can announce just yet, but keep an eye on our social media and Discord for updates! 


I played this demo shortly after I was SAed and it gave me the strength to publicly call the assaulter out, this game is so fun, so punk. I wanna be Gordy when I grow up.  Can't wait for the full game!

(1 edit) (+3)

Thank you so much for playing, we're so touched the game resonated with you and inspired you to do something so brave. Gordy also wants to be like you when she grows up! 


I love this so much! I can't wait for the full game to come out, what an incredible story and art style! I love the way emotions and thoughts are conveyed! The songs are great and every mini game felt fun and worked well with controls!

Coolest fucking game I have ever played!!! it gives Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Vibes but more badass. I loved ittttt, keep it up~

cool part 2

I cant even describe how much i love this game and everything about it! it is absolutely incredible and i wish i could help and donate but i cant wait to see this game finished !! everyone did and absolutely stunning job with this! 


Thank you for playing! I've just uploaded the newest Episode 2 update to Itch.io if you want to try it too :)

absolutely !!  thank you so much

lies.no dead pets

i mean her goldfish died



Gordy's childhood pet

Can't continue further than the dating scene :((

Hi Zen, I'm sorry to hear that you are stuck! :( We've just released a huge update. Please let me know on support@tripletopping.com if you are still experiencing problems.

I love the art style I adore the game!! The game is really interesting and interactive, waiting for ep 2 <3

love it ;D wait ep.2 :P

That was a nice demo. Great art direction and style. I'm backing the project and wish you good luck!

🥰💕 thank you so much 🙏

I can't start the game when I join the game it shows the intro and after the loading screen, it's black. I use windows 

I will get Jonathan our programmer to get back to you when he is back at office. 


Hi there mochaa_teddi! I'm sorry that the game doesn't work for you. To try and fix this, we will need some more information.

Please send us an email at support@tripletopping.com with the log and save files attached. You can find the files by opening windows explorer and pasting this path: "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Triple Topping\Dead Pets Demo" without the quotes. Please include all files in that folder.

Thanks, Jonathan @ programmer at TripleTopping

SO GOOD! I absolutely love the art style, the interactiveness of the storyline, everything about this is so much fun omg

🥰 thank you so much for letting us know.