The Art of Dead Pets Unleashed

The Dead Pets band members have gone through a few varying looks before we ended up on the final design of the game!

Firstly, if you look very closely in Welcome to Elk, you might spot a familiar name…

This was a very early concept for Dead Pets Unleashed! The original style was definitely closer to Welcome to Elk. Our artist on Welcome to Elk, Murray Somerwolff, designed the original Dead Pets band members too!

We decided we wanted the game to look different from Welcome to Elk, and so the characters grew in shape and style. 

Eventually, we moved to a different kind of style for the band!

From here, they grew into the Dead Pets you’ll now recognize!

We've had so much fun developing the Dead Pets members into what they look like now, as well as creating the wonderful art style for the game!

Our Kickstarter for Dead Pets Unleashed is still running, so please check it out and support it if you can!

You can keep up with Triple Topping and Dead Pets Unleashed here: 

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