Dead Pets Unleashed Episode 2 Out Now!

Grab your bass and get ready for band practice, we have more Dead Pets Unleashed out now on and Steam! 

Last week we were featured in the Day of the Devs showcase and teased some new footage from Episode 2 of the game. Since we teased Episode 2... We've just released it into the demo on and Steam as a part of the Day of the Devs In-Person Celebration! 

That's right, there's now a whole new episode of Dead Pets Unleashed in the demo that you can play for free right now! 

This is the only new content update that will be coming to the demo, so there won't be any more episodes to play prior to the full release of the game after this! 

We decided to release Episode 2 early as a part of our demo, since it gets further into the story, and gives you a deeper dive into what to expect in the full game.

If you're not already familiar, Dead Pets Unleashed is a feminist, narrative, slice of life, and management-lite game about a struggling punk rock band, giving it their last chance for success before they give up on the dream. 

Content Warning: Please be aware, Dead Pets Unleashed contains a major storyline relating to sexual assault and harassment.

There is an implied sexual assault that occurs towards the end of Episode 2 of the demo. There is a content warning in-game before the scene takes place, and you'll have the choice to skip over the specific scene if you choose.

Play the updated demo on now!

Demo Update Patch Notes:


  • Episode 2
  • Vocals to Skull Job and Running Wild
  • Episode picker when the game starts
  • Dress for when Gordy goes on a date
  • Custom sprites for buttons in UI
  • New character models for the diner game


  • Slight visual changes to some comic scenes
  • Improved characters' eyes
  • Dale’s speech bubble lowered slightly
  • Small changes in dialogue for episode 1
  • Camera zoom size changed
  • New text for losing band points
  • Font size of left and right choices is now always the same
  • Increased controller dead zone
  • Improved audio mixing at different points in the game
  • Bass added to Gordy’s apartment
  • Changed position for certain character spawn points
  • Changed position for certain objects in some locations
  • Logo in pause screen
  • Save system rehauled for better compatibility with future updates
  • Customers in the diner game now find their way to tables easier
  • Update credits


  • Fixed some bugs in the diner game
  • “Score” text in bass practice end screen has been moved.
  • Small corrections to character animations

You can keep up with Triple Topping and Dead Pets Unleashed here:

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