Dead Pets Demo update

Hey punks!

While we are still working hard on the full game, we also  just released a small update for the Dead Pets Demo. It fixes a lot of things and also adds a few things.

Have fun 🤘


  • Added sounds to the control scheme overlay in minigames.
  • New audio in the diner minigame.
  • Snapshot name added to pause menu - for easier bug reporting.
  • Decorative bass in Gordy’s room.
  • Text to indicate end of episode 1 and start of episode 2


  • Small camera changes.
  • It is now possible to stack any number of plates in the diner minigame.
  • Split up audio in soundbanks for better load times and less memory usage.
  • Bass practice songs changed name:
    • “Running Wild” changed to “Taste My Fist”
    • “Skull Job” changed to “Parenting's a Crime”
    • “The Setup” changed to “My Healing Potion”
  • Added vocals to the My Healing Potion song.
  • Make light less bright in the Shy Retirer.
  • Update credits.


  • Enabling/disabling certain minigames in Gordy's home at the right times.
  • Various other bug fixes for the diner minigame.
  • You could get stuck with too few resources to make a dialogue choice.
  • Fix skull animation not looping when loading.
  • Change telemetrics to include more useful data.
  • Fix game overlays not scaling with screen size changes.
  • Stats not resetting correctly when playing the game again.
  • Gordy no longer walks to weird locations at times

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Version Feb 16, 2023

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