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Welcome to Elk is a biographical adventure set on an island like no other, where every character you encounter has a story to tell. From the weird and wonderful to the dark and desperate, all the tales told on Elk are based on true stories of life on the road less traveled.

Tales of real stories

Welcome to Elk, an adventure game set on a fictional island stitched together with true stories and tall tales, and inhabited by the people who lived them.


You play as Frigg, a young carpenter trading their busy life in the city for an apprenticeship in a small town. When she arrives in Elk, Frigg worries that the slower pace of life will be boring (they don’t even have the internet), but quickly discovers nothing could be further from the truth!

Tragic stories told with love and sometimes humour

The stories reflect the drama of our lives, on Elk it’s known that humour, love and death go hand in hand. Life may seem hard sometimes, but it is always followed by laughter.

Make new friends

On Elk, you will meet weird and wonderful characters - people whom the world has either ignored or forgotten. Follow their ups and downs, their odd drinking rituals and their unique ways of tackling whatever life throws at them.

Unique mini games

Help your new friends on Elk through playful mini games. All games are uniquely tailored to underline the story and the mood of the game.

Meet the people who told the original stories

We value the importance of storytellers, those who carry the tales of others and share them. That's why, in Elk, you will also meet the living storytellers who inspired us to make this game.

How we used true stories in the game?

True stories? how to use a true story in an ethical way? This is how we have dealt with it in Welcome to Elk:
The stories in Welcome to Elk, are told by the people who we know and/or were there when the events took place. All are told from memory. The way they are used both on our webpage and in the game is true to the core story but everything like names, locations and other details are changed, renamed and often re-framed to protect the real people behind them, therefore, we call them tall tales. The stories are not one to one like you would experience in true crime for example. They are rewritten and combined to one linear narrative. Characters may play a role in one story where they where not a part of originally and only us who designed it will ever know – or come close to the real truth of the stories.

Welcome to Elk might look like a “fun” game but it’s about telling stories – some are filled with humour others are dark, but they go hand in hand.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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fun weird little game ! love the artstyle.

Mmmm beer... This game made me thirsty. :-)

Good game, with great music!

This game was incredibly captivating from the very start - I love the artstyle and the music, and the stories were very impactful. A fantastic game!

Great game, great stories. Love it.

cool art


This games great!


1. The story hits hard, like the most impactful I've ever played

2. The gameplay loop works really well despite its simplicity

3. The individual stories have been worked into the game really well

4. It works well under wine/linux
1. The controls are a bit clunky sometimes

2. The characters are all very positive after negative events which is a bit disconcerting


This game seems so great to try out! It would mean a lot if your team could consider making either an ARM64 WIN port or an x86(32-bit) executable, this way other people could run this promising title! 

Again, huge props to everyone involved in this :)


Was not expecting this game to be so good or hit so hard.
Fantastic story.