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Thank you !


very nice


This belongs in a museum, the tech itself is as amazing as the game.
Playing in Copenhagen B)


I loved the prologue, this is the kind of aesthetic I relly like and try to work on. Work perfectly on Linux with Wine.

I loved the demo that was on Steam a while back. This version doesn’t seem to have working sound on mac though, which is a huge bummer since the sound design is great.


We have not heard of this before, so Simon is just trying to see if he can recreate it on the Mac, if you can give us more info on what Mac you are running on it would be helpful :) 


Hi ryan
Totally, audio is a must for Ynglet.
I tried playing it on our office Mac and had no problems with the sound. It would be super helpful if you could specify what Mac you are running on, and hopefully we'll be able to fix the problem. The easiest is probably to write me at


Hell Yeah! Just played the prologue its soooo cool


In comparison to other Nifflas games, how large do we project this game to be?


Depending on who plays 2-4 hours of gameplay, so it’s not the biggest Nifflas game :)

Linux version coming? I'll give it a try on Wine though

Won't run at all :(


Actually, yes it will. Wine was being weird. I don't have a gamepad though :(


Oh cool you made it work on Wine, and yes Gamepad is needed :/ 

Only real gamers have gamepads. ^.^

It could be, he made it in Unity, and he has win in the download demo file name.


This was reaaaally cool. Love the art style, the sounds and the overall flow. Lots of identity in this game !

Thank you so much <3

So wonderful, play like a charm and I so love to just play around with the sounds you can make while playing! Looking foward to the realese

Thank we will let Nifflas know for sure :D 

Yoooo this looks cool.

The game cant run 

Oh no! That’s not supposed to happen. What happens when you try to run the game?

PC or Mac?

When i run the game , it got white screen and nothing going . I play by PC