A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Ynglet you jump between bubbles that float in the sky like you’re a space dolphin, as you melt into a highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack created by Ynglet's custom (and needlessly complicated) music software!

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>>>Controller required <<<

A Floating non Platformer

Absolutely no platforms (which is really unusual for a platformer)!

Fluid Difficulty

Find the level of challenge that suits you with granular difficulty settings. The ability to set quick respawn points at any time means repeating frustrating sections is never required.

Feel Good

Dash into walls that reflect you. It feels really good and looks awesome!

Did I mention there are no platforms?

Doodles for days

The hand drawn art style takes a fresh ‘illustrated’ approach, reminiscent of expressive doodles come to life. There’s lots of unusual creatures doing their own thing, making the world feel alive.

"I have made a lot of other games before like Knytt, Uurnog, and Affordable Space Adventures but I really hope you will like this game too!" / Nifflas


Problem: The game isn't running or is showing me a blank screen on startup on Windows.
Possible solution: Try installing Ynglet from the itch.io app or installing the Visual Studio (2015, 2017, 2019) C++ Redistributable and run the game again.


Ynglet Prologue 328 MB
Version 1 33 days ago
Ynglet Prologue 327 MB
Version 1 33 days ago

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Hell Yeah! Just played the prologue its soooo cool

In comparison to other Nifflas games, how large do we project this game to be?


Depending on who plays 2-4 hours of gameplay, so it’s not the biggest Nifflas game :)

Linux version coming? I'll give it a try on Wine though

Won't run at all :(

Actually, yes it will. Wine was being weird. I don't have a gamepad though :(

Oh cool you made it work on Wine, and yes Gamepad is needed :/ 

This was reaaaally cool. Love the art style, the sounds and the overall flow. Lots of identity in this game !

Thank you so much <3

So wonderful, play like a charm and I so love to just play around with the sounds you can make while playing! Looking foward to the realese

Thank we will let Nifflas know for sure :D 

Yoooo this looks cool.

The game cant run 

Oh no! That’s not supposed to happen. What happens when you try to run the game?

PC or Mac?

When i run the game , it got white screen and nothing going . I play by PC